Strategic, user-centric product designer with a penchant for solving business needs

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San Francisco, CA


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Every project is different but the product design process is made of a few key ingredients


I always begin the design process with research. It is important for me to understand the subject matter and identify the goals of the project. 
I also complete a thorough competitor analysis and seek to understand the needs of the users.


This is the fun part where I pull out the ol’ sketchbook and write down all my thoughts and ideas. This process of thinking on paper helps me solidify and organize my thoughts. I analyze my research, create user stories based on the user needs, and explore solutions.


Once I come up with a few solutions, I collaborate with developers to assess the feasibility. I also create animated prototypes and return to the user base and gather feedback through user testing. I use that feedback to solidify the solutions and begin visual design.


I create high-fidelity mockups that appeal to the senses of the demographic and match the desired tone of the brand. I also follow or create brand guidelines depending on the needs of the project. I collaborate with development through and beyond implementation.

About me

Hello, my name is
Janiece Allison

I am a senior product designer, animator and illustrator with 8 years of professional experience. I enjoy working in a field that allows me to put my passions to work daily. My long history of self-teaching and working in a wide variety of work environments has made me an adaptable designer.

I can come into any workplace and adapt and succeed. But, I am not looking for any workplace. I am looking for a workplace that values design and values every employee. Where everyone works towards a common goal rather than individual agendas.

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolio. Feel free to hit me up  if you are interested in working together. I am also willing to meet and grab coffee if you’re located in or around the Bay Area.